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Nieuwkoop was founded in 1957 by Mr. Nieuwkoop on the basis of a revolutionary invention for the horticultural sector. At the time, we were already focused entirely on this market, but this invention marked the beginning for Nieuwkoop.

A common problem at the time was the tearing of the calyx of the carnation, which greatly reduced the value of the flower. You can imagine that this was a big problem for the growers, because broken flowers cannot be sold.

To fix this, an iron ring was used to make the chalyx whole again and to prevent further tearing. The disadvantage of this solution was that the iron ring was very striking and did not contribute to the beauty of the carnation.

Nieuwkoop designed the “Carnation Plaster” or in Dutch the “Anjerplakker.” This was a kind of flower tape or flower plaster that had the same external characteristics as the calyx of the carnation. This fixed the flower and at the same time added to the beauty of the torn carnation, which in turn was favorable for a good sale price.

This first product meant the foundation of Nieuwkoop and the beginning of our passion.

In the years that followed, we developed various other, predominantly plastic items, for use in the agricultural and horticultural sector. A product that is still used all over the world today is our “Nie-co-roll” which is used for tying and guiding roses or orchids, for example. Another good example are our plant rings, anthurium clips and stent clips.

In the 1960s we started developing our own measuring instruments for both portable measurements and fixed installations. These measuring instruments have grown with Nieuwkoop over the years and instruments of our own brand with the Nieuwkoop logo are now used all over the world. This applies to the agricultural and horticultural sector as well as various other sectors.

We are still improving and developing our products every day.

Our specialized knowledge of measuring instruments and plastics makes us a renowned company. With over 60 years of experience, we have professional know-how and we always think along with you to find the best solution.

The cooperation with both suppliers and end users ensures continuous growth in the field of product development. This is how we let our expertise grow, together with you.

The third generation has entered Nieuwkoop and the family business is being continued. It was time for a new fresh look for Nieuwkoop. Our corporate identity and logo have undergone a renewal and as a result we are now ready for the future.

We thank you for your trust and we assure you that now that we have a new exterior, our interior is still the same.

We remain Nieuwkoop, so we still offer the same service and quality that you have come to expect from us since 1957.

We are happy to help you!

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