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Tomex Tomato hook without rope, TX7000

€ 100,00 excl.
€ 121,00 incl.

Nie-co-rol MEGA with small or large hook ORANGE, per 500 pieces

€ 370,00 excl.
€ 447,70 incl.
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Nie-co-rol MAXI with small or large hook WHITE, per 500 pieces

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Nie-co-rol MAXI with small or large white hook.

Wire length: approx. 135cm

Spring traction: standard

€ 290,00 excl.
€ 350,90 incl.

Small white Small whiteLarge white Large white

Professional product

This product has a professional product quality mark. Read all about the quality marks here.

Product description

The Nie-co-rol is specially for straightening flower and plants. Labour saving devices and long life duration.

Nie-co-rol “MAXI” is available with a small or large white hook.

Please select the hook above.


  • Wire length ±135 cm.
  • Package per 500 pieces (7,9 kg, 40x36x27 cm)
  • All material is UV stabilised and the spring inside is made of stainless steel, which extends the working life of the material and allows it to keep its properties longer.
  • The suspension hook on the cover can have all wire thickness up to 4mm.
  • The Nie-co-rol can be suspended and removed with one hand.
  • The Nie-co-rol practically never develops defects. If a Nie-co-rol happens to become faulty as a result of extreme conditions, the wire can be wind up on the outside of the roll.

This is the original product since (patent holder) 1962, please take care! as there are many fake (similair looking) products of very poor quality.

HS (commodity) code: 3926.90.97

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