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Soft-rings, per 1000 pieces, SR1000

€ 9,00 excl.
€ 10,89 incl.

Nie-co-rol MAXI with small or large hook WHITE, per 500 pieces

€ 260,00 excl.
€ 314,60 incl.
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Plant-rings PP 16/20/25 mm per 1.000 pieces

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Plant rings PP 16/20/25 mm per 1.000 pieces

€ 4,90 excl.
€ 5,93 incl.

16 mm 16 mm20 mm 20 mm25 mm 25 mm

Professional product

This product has a professional product quality mark. Read all about the quality marks here.

Product description

The plant-ring saves time, therefore much money, because it;

1. Does not get entangled in it’s packing (no laborious separating of the rings).

2. Can be pushed in one single movement on the stem of the plant (you do not have to open and close the ring).

Also available in bulk packaging:
• Plant-ring 16 mm PP, package per 50.000 stuks (±9,9 kg, 60x40x25 cm)
• Plant-ring 20 mm PP, package per 25.000 stuks (±8,2 kg, 60x40x25 cm)
• Plant-ring 25 mm PP, package per 20.000 stuks (±8,5 kg, 60x40x25 cm)

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HS (commodity) code: 3926.90.97

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