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Bottle with spray end, 1000 cc

€ 9,98 incl.
€ 8,25 excl.

Wall mount bracket for RG2013/RG2023/RG2030 dataloggers, RG7610

€ 9,68 incl.
€ 8,00 excl.
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Protective enclosure for RG2013 and RG2030 dataloggers, RG7600

Protective enclosure for RG2013/RG2030 dataloggers, RG7600

€ 22,99 incl.
€ 19,00 excl.

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Product description

The Protective Enclosure is specifically designed for de recorder products to allow use in harsh environments.
The design of the enclosure minimises the effects of thermal lag caused by the additional casing.

The enclosure’s case is made from high impact polycarbonate plastic and is clear to allow viewing of the enclosed recorder’s indicators.
Compatible with dataloggers RG2013 and RG2030.

Conservatively rated at IP67 (equivalent to NEMA6).

Size hxwxt: 104×76.5×13 mm
Weight: 41 grams
Enclosure: polycarbonate

HS (commodity) code: 3926.90.97

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