At Nieuwkoop we sell various types of measuring instruments and plastic binding articles for various applications. Our offer varies in degrees and therefore you will almost always find a suitable measuring instrument and / or plastic binding product with us.

However, it may be the case that a particular instrument is not entirely suitable or even overqualified for your application.

That is why we have developed the evaluation  quality mark that shows you the quality of this product and where it stands in relation to other products. A selection of the factors on the basis of which the valuation takes place include the following:

– Accuracy of the measurement
– Lifespan
– Usability
– Ease of maintenance
– Overall quality

The gradations that result from this are translated into our quality marks. We start with the “Standard” quality mark and the “Professional” quality mark concerns the top of the market.

If you still have questions or would like advice, you can of course always contact one of our specialists.


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